SAP has achieved $ 3.7 billion Euros in cloud subscription revenue in Fy2017. SAP predicts that cloud shall continue to grow at 30% compounded annual growth rate and more than double by 2020. On-premises business and licenses shall continue to grow at around 7% compounded annual growth during the same period.

These factors are expected to contribute to an overall operating growth ranging between 8% and 11%, with operating profit reaching $ 9 billion Euros by Fy2020 from the current $ 6.7 billion in Fy2017.

On SAP 2020 ambition statement defines this forecast as “Fast cloud, robust overall topline and profitability growth” target. Further details can be found within SAP Investor Relations website by following the link to presentation on SAP’s Fourth-Quarter and Full Year 2017 – Preliminary Results Release:

Will Cloud revenue surpass License revenue? SAP says yes!

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