Quick 5-Q&A guide for SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF)


Q1. What is SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF)?

SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF) is a set of web-based, ease-to-use applications developed on HANA XS to streamline SAP HANA administration and development. 


Q2. What is the purpose of SAP HANA DWF?

To assist implementing SAP HANA native SQL-based Data Warehouse initiatives as well as data management and distribution across large SAP HANA landscapes for both native and hybrid scenarios.


Q3. Which applications are offered with SAP HANA DWF?

  • Data LifecycleManager (DLM):   Data temperature and aging management
  • Data Distribution Optimizer (DDO): Data re-organization across SAP HANA scale out systems
  • Data Warehouse Scheduler (DWS): Data provision process dependencies
  • Data Warehouse Monitoring (DWM): Monitor data warehousing activities
  • Native DataStore Object (NDSO): Central persistence object with delta enabled capabilities for SQL-based Data Warehousing initiatives (similar to Advanced DSO in SAP BW)


Q4. What are the pre-requisites for SAP HANA DWF?

For the latest release of SAP HANA DWF 2.4.x the requisites are:

  • SAP HANA:  SP 02 Rev 24 or SP 03 Rev 34+
  • XSA:  Release 1.0.97
  • Hana Runtime Tool:  2.6.62 or higher
  • SAP UI5 Frontend Server:  1.52.20
  • XS Services:  1.6.11
  • SAP Web IDE2:  SP 03 FeatureRelease 1 – 4.3.57


Q5. Where can I find more details on SAP HANA DWF?

SAP Community – SAP DWF

SAP Help Portal – What is new on SAP DWF 2.0?

2435452 – Release Note SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation 2.0

SAP HANA DWF in a nutshell