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A brief history of SAP BW
LinkedIN Publishing, Feb/2017

Demystifying Machine Learning in 10 Questions and Answers
LinkedIN Publishing, Feb/2017

Quick 10-step guide on: Installing SAP HANA HXE and related Eclipse-based SAP plugins in your machine
LinkedIN Publishing, Jan/2017

Agile Data Virtualization in SAP BW with Open Operational DataStore Views
WISPublishing SAP BI Experts, Oct/2016

Methods for Identifying and Remediating Custom ABAP Code Issues when Migrating SAP BW to SAP HANA
SAP Professional Journal / SAP Experts – WIS Publishing, Apr/2016

Complement Warm Data Management in SAP HANA with Dynamic Tiering
SAP professional journal, Jun/2015

How to Move Your Data into SAP HANA with SDA and BODS
SAP professional journal, Nov/2014

Expand Target Groups Using SAP BW Data in Segment Builder
SAP technical journal CRM Expert Newsletter, Aug/Sep 2006, Volume 4, Issue 7

Integrate SCM Event Management with SAP BW for Enhanced Reporting
SAP technical journal / SCM Expert Newsletter, Oct 2004

Transform an InfoPackage into a Smart Extraction Tool
SAP technical journal / BW Expert Newsletter, Nov/Dec 2003

Use Boolean Functions to Add Analytical Capability to Your BW Reports
SAP technical journal / BW Expert Newsletter, June 2003

White Papers:

Four Key Data Modeling Strategies for Better Data Integration
SAP Insider Editor’s Desk e-Newsletter – April 2004